Domestic violence can be a very difficult situation to be involved in regardless of who you are or who the other party is. If you are in this situation, you may need a lawyer to help you understand your rights and explain the process of dealing with the both the civil and family law aspects of domestic violence. Regardless of whether the parties involved are married, blood related, or simply roommates, each situation is unique. The Morey Law Firm, P.A. has represented clients throughout Central Florida in all aspects of civil domestic violence. Whether you need help getting an injunction for protection (restraining order), filing for divorce, or need some other type of family law assistance, the Morey Law Firm, P.A. can provide you with experienced and competent legal representation during these emotionally challenging times.

Spousal abuse and divorce

Sometimes when a relationship ends there can be accusations of spousal abuse or other incidents of domestic violence. Often times the type of relationship the parties share can determine the type of action that needs to be taken. Accusations of spousal abuse, particularly as part of divorce, can have a significant effect on issues such as time-sharing and parental responsibility. A family law attorney with experience handling these types of complex divorce proceedings can work with you to separate the truth and bring all the important details to light.

Accusations of domestic violence or dating violence

The Morey Law Firm, P.A. provides representation to victims of domestic violence, and those accused of committing domestic violence, alike. An experienced family law attorney may be able to help if someone files an injunction for protection (restraining order) against you.

Each domestic violence case is unique, and you don’t want an attorney who treats all cases the same.

Contact us today to meet with a domestic violence lawyer who will consider your specific circumstances, and adjust their approach according to your individual situation. A domestic violence or spousal abuse situation can be very delicate and having an experienced family law attorney on your side, who will advocate your rights, can make all the difference in your case.

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