Personal Injury

If you were injured on someone else’s property, you may have a premises liability accident claim. Although these claims are often called slip and fall accidents, they also include a negligent act or omission by a property owner that led to your injury. An owner’s duty of care, however, depends on your status as the injury victim.

For example, business owners in the Orlando area invite patrons to their premises to shop or use their services. These business invitees are owed a duty of care by the owner to inspect the property for known or hidden dangerous conditions that are unreasonably dangerous, and to repair them or to warn patrons. Business invitees include shoppers, diners, contractors, maintenance people, and mail carriers.

If you were injured in a park or building owned and maintained by the city of Orlando or the county of Osceola, however, different standards and rules for filing claims apply so it is essential that you promptly contact a premises liability attorney.

Along with slip and fall accidents, you could have been injured by an intoxicated diner at a restaurant or by an attack in a poorly lit parking lot in a known high crime area. Under these circumstances, you could have a premises liability accident claim against the owner for not taking steps to correct a reasonably foreseeable act.

Homeowners, though, generally owe a slightly different duty of care to you if you were invited to their property. They do not have a duty to inspect their property for known or hidden dangers, but they do have a duty to warn you, as a licensee, unless the danger is open and obvious. For instance, homeowners must warn you if a stairway has a broken step or lacks a railing.

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