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Florida Purchase and Sale Contracts

A Florida purchase and sale contract is a legal agreement between a buyer and a seller of real property that contains the terms and conditions of the sale. Florida law does require certain disclosures in any purchase and sale contract.

Contents of a Purchase and Sale Contract

  • The seller has to provide marketable title and insurable title by closing.
  • The seller provides title insurance, an attorney’s opinion on title, surveys, deeds of trust, easements, and any other documents pertaining to the property.
  • List all disclosures required under Florida law.

A purchase and sale contract can be used for seller financing, to assume a mortgage, to make the sale contingent on the buyer obtaining financing, or a cash sale.


  • The seller usually must disclose all known facts that may materially affect the value of a home, whether they are obvious or not. This includes the history of the property’s condition, repairs and defects. This could change if you enter into an “As Is” contract.
  • Disclose if the home is within a homeowners’ or condominium association.
  • If the Florida home was built before 1978, a lead paint disclosure is required.
  • Permit radon, termite, mold and general home inspection by the buyer.
  • Disclose property located in flood hazard zones, very high fire hazard severity zones, and wildland fire areas.
  • Megan’s Law--disclosure of proximity of registered sex offenders and access to sex registry database.
  • Location and proximity of military ordnance sites if in the area.
  • Disclosure of known hazardous substances on the property.

Before you sign or enter into any Florida purchase and sale contract, consult with a real estate lawyer. The lawyers at the Morey Law Firm, P.A. have successfully negotiated Florida purchase and sale contracts and can ensure that all your rights are protected.

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