Real Estate Law

Florida Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation generally involves disputes between the buyer and seller over lack of disclosure of material facts affecting the property’s value, financing for the purchase of the property, or other contractual issues. Additionally, disputes can also occur between , landlords and tenants, homeowners or condominium associations and members.

Common Issues in Real Estate Litigation

Some of the issues in property litigation include the following:

  • Recovery of deposit
  • Negligence by a contractor
  • Failure of a contractor to timely perform
  • Fraud and misrepresentation
  • Landlord-tenant disputes over lease termination or recovery of deposit
  • Disputes with a homeowner or condominium associations
  • Foreclosures
  • Boundary disputes and surveying errors
  • Action to quiet title
  • Zoning and developmental rights

The best recourse for any buyer is to consult with a real estate lawyer before entering into a contract so that most contingencies or potential disputes are found, although unforeseen issues do arise.

Some common issues in real estate litigation include the following areas:

Voiding the Contract

A buyer who has suddenly lost his or her job or suffered an unforeseen financial setback may wish to void the contract and prevent forfeiture of their deposit, which may be in the thousands of dollars. Often, an experienced real estate lawyer can help you recover most if not all of your deposit and prevent default by the seller.

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